Welcome, so glad you found us!  We are keenly aware of the monumental task it must have been to find out-of-the-way indie artists like us, but you have succeeded...Congrats!  Now that you are here, allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are, as you have no doubt gathered, The Erik Christensen Band.  We have been creating music together since 2009 when we recorded our first album Jennifer's Farm


So who are we?...well, we're not convinced that a page detailing the intricacies of  how we came to be, and what we've done, and who we see ourselves as, would add a great deal of value to your life, so, to put it as succinctly as possible we are 5 guys - give or take - who love music, who love to play music, and who also happen to Love the God in whom beautiful things such as music find their origin.  We make music because we like making the attempt at imitating this incredible God of beauty.  Of course life is about much more than music, so, we are also fathers, and husbands, students and business owners just like all of you...unless of course you are female in which case, might I suggest you reverse the gender of those first two descriptive nouns.


Take a look around, listen to some of the songs, check out a few pics of our time in Nashville, and then go over to the contact us page and drop us a line!  And don't forget to click on the little Facebook icon and "like" us if you are into that kind of thing.  Not into Facebook?...we totally understand, you're probably better off for it...that's why we have a mailing list you can sign up for (over on the right) just in case you want to stay updated with our goings on.  Not into email?...we totally understand that you are probably homesteading; raising free-range chickens, growing organic vegetables and, if you are really industrious, milking a couple of grass-fed cows.  I (Erik) for one envy you, though I can't speak for the rest of the band.


Peace now my dear friends!


New EP

"Act of Hope"

Released 6.13